The Nebular Hypothesis Fallacy/ preface

We are now entering the fifth generation of young science students being indoctrinated into the general Theory of Evolution based on 30-year generations starting with Darwin’s “Origin of the Species”. If those students understood fully what the theory is about, they would realize it is not a single theory at all, but a whole series of theories connected together like links in a chain. If any one of those links were severed, the whole “house of cards” known as evolution would immediately collapse. One of those links is known as the Nebular Hypothesis, now a theory based on questionable interpretation of astronomical data. In a nutshell, that theory posits that we (mankind) are the product of “stardust” floating around in space for eons of time. Yes, we are made of dust, the dust of this earth by the direct hand of God. But then, the earth was created by God out of nothing, or ex nihilo.

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